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Month: June 2016

5 Young ‘Bad Guys’ in Commercial Bollywood Cinema

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For years villains have been an integral part of our movies. Even though the protagonists in our Hindi films have always had the last laugh, yet it is the antagonist that makes them look larger than life. Since years now, the antagonists in our movies have evolved like no other character has. While the heroes’ characters are more or less cut out from the same skin, it is the antagonist’s character that has changed many a garb, many a persona, many a mode. All these years we have had some baddies, the names of whom have been etched in our memories. These characters have been able to leave a lasting impression in our minds with the likes of Kancha Cheena, Gabbar Singh, Mogambo, Shakaal, ‘Loin’ and so many more. In fact the evolution of the baddies has made the film writers challenge themselves to chalk out characters that can be bigger than the heroes.

Now we all know that the bigger the villain, the sweeter is the revenge that the hero succeeds in getting. That’s the fodder that audience relishes the most. In spite of how powerful the baddie is depicted in the movies, the hero must be able to succeed and yet all the strength, all the manpower, all the grandeur that the villain accumulates; everything gets diminished by the much loved hero. This not only makes the audience feel that they must and they can overcome the negative in their lives but also creates an ‘out there’ character that needs to be squashed. Nevertheless, over the years, baddies have evolved into people who are not developed as the larger than life persona with added histrionics, but people who are almost like the hero with just a streak of negative that needs more of a psychological strength to defeat than physical. Having said that, it is difficult to ignore that as the heroes beefed up to take on their role as the defeater, the villains beefed up too, in order to match up the strength. In the recent years, we have noticed some superb villains who have matched up to our heroes in every way and have emerged a winner with their performances on screen.


Who would have thought that after a blink and miss appearance in the film ‘Stanley ka Dabba’, Vidyut will emerge as a force to reckon with in his debut movie ‘Force’. More than John it was Vidyut’s muscle power that was talked about in the movie. That year, Vidyut got nominated for almost all the awards for his debut. Now, we don’t just have an action hero here, we have a stuntman who is a league of his own. With having learnt Kalaripayattu since the age of 3, Vidyut is pretty proficient in various other forms of martial arts and is now focusing on Anti Gravity Yoga and Suspension TRX as a part of his workout regime. With the movie ‘Commando’, Vidyut established himself as the new age action actor who did not use a body double or cables for his stunts in the movie.

BAD guy 1

Bestowed with good looks, Vidyut has made his presence felt in movies like ‘Bullet Raja’ and the Tamil movie ‘Thuppakki’. With successful appearances in Tamil and Telugu films, Vidyut is now busy with ‘Commando 2’ and ‘Yaara’ along with a few other projects. This vegetarian hunk is a promoter of healthy living and runs an initiative to teach self-defense techniques to women. We surely are looking forward to seeing him more on screen in 2016-17.


Tahir made a swift, smooth entry into the baddie world after making his screen debut with ‘Kismat Love Paisa Dilli’. He also made a brief appearance in ‘Kai Po Che!’ and ‘One by Two’, but it was his official film (baddie) debut with ‘Mardaani’, where Tahir made his presence felt in the most chilling way. Mardaani gave us a character, Karan Rastogi, who was ideal for women’s despise. Playing a human trafficking kingpin, he brought down chills along the spine with his psychotic representation that was loosely inspired from the American series Breaking Bad. His persona on screen was so intimidating that in spite of his good looks he was hated like no other. Without displaying any muscle power he was able to terrorize the audience by his sheer presence on screen.

BAD guy 2

The character fetched him a Filmfare Award nomination for Best Supporting Actor and many other accolades like “The Times hotlist ’14” in the best actor in a negative role category and he won the best actor in a negative role at the Screen Awards. Currently Tahir is busy with shooting for another negative role in John Abraham and Sonakshi Sinha starrer Force 2 (scheduled 2016) and Kushan Nandy’s action thriller, Babumoshai Bandookbaaz alongside Nawazuddin Siddiqui and Chitrangda Singh (scheduled 2016-17). While we wait for him back on the screen, keep your eyes open for this firebrand performer.


Fashion-model turned actor, Freddy Daruwala is the face of the head, sleeper cells, in the A R Murugadoss’ ‘Holiday’, in a role that was played by Vidyut Jamwal in the Tamil movie Thupakki. Though the role of the terrorist was cut out to depict the new modern face of terror, the portrayal fell a little short. Yet, Freddie did not fail to impress. His good looks and sincere rendering of the role of a terrorist comes through.

Bad Guy 3

Freddie won First Runners Up of Haywards Mr. India World and is deemed to be one of Manish Malhotra’s favourite fashion models. His modeling days and struggle to get him into acting brought him to play Sexy Sam in a lesser-known Punjabi film “Mummy Punjabi”. Though that’s a role he is rather embarrassed of, yet that is not the end. He is now looking forward to playing some positive characters and seeks to establish himself as a hero in the industry. We certainly do wish him luck!


Sudheer Babu is a former Badminton player and the brother-in-law of Telugu actor Mahesh Babu. He made his debut as a leading hero in Telugu Film Industry with the movie ‘Siva Manasulo Sruthi’. After Sajid Nadiawala’s team, who watched his stunts and work out personal videos in YouTube noticed him; he was approached to play the antagonist in the Tiger Shroff starrer ‘Baaghi’. His well-chiseled and bulky physique made him a worthy opponent to Tiger Shroff who is at his fittest best.

Bad Guy 4

Sudheer also got to showcase his Kalaripayattu moves in the film that were exceptionally choreographed. Sudheer had ample scope to display his histrionics as well, but he refrained from creation a caricatured version of the villain. And that is a mark of a balanced actor. Sudheer is now poised to take on very many assignments in the Hindi movies as well and we do hope to see him more often.


Of the above, Nikitin Dheer seems to have tasted success the most as an antagonist in the movies. Debuting with ‘Jodha Akbar’ playing Sharifuddin, he was instantly noticed what with his good looks and his delivery and well built frame. ‘Mission Istanbul’ came next and here as well Nikitin made his presence felt, even though the movie did not fare well.

Nikitin Dheer

With ‘Ready’ and ‘Dabangg 2’ he definitely garnered more praise as the villain with the most muscle but it was his portrayal as the main antagonist, Tangaballi, in ‘Chennai Express’ that established him well in the industry. His robust frame and on screen presence was well appreciated. In fact, that the slightly built SRK beat him up in the climax scene was rather hilariously unbelievable. Well, as they say anything is possible in Bollywood. Nevertheless, we wish to see Nikitin achieve many more milestones in the Hindi films.


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Movie Review: Dhanak

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Cast: Hetal Gadda, Krrish Chhabria, Vipin Sharma, Gulfam Khan, Vibha Chibber, Vijay Maurya
Director: Nagesh Kukunoor
Music: Tapas Relia


There’s always one thing that you can expect from Nagesh Kukunoor and that is a story that would make you smile. If Dor was the kind of movie that made your heart warm then Dhanak is the one that will totally melt it. This story of a brother-sister duo takes your heart away right from the beginning where the premise is set to have the eyesight restored for the boy as promised by his sister, before his ninth birthday. Yes, that’s what the whole story is about! Nevertheless, from here to there, this is a journey not just across miles through the desert that the duo undertake to conclude their mission but a journey of emotions and experiences, that they gather along the way. A journey that changes their lives forever.


D1Pari (Hetal Gadda) and Chhotu (Krrish Chhabra) are orphaned when Chhotu was just 4 years old and now they live with their Uncle (Vipin Sharma) and aunt in rural Rajasthan. Chhotu is vision impaired since then and his sister suggests that he would get his vision back by his ninth birthday, which is just around the corner. When Pari suggests this to Chhotu, little does she know how this would ever happen but once when she sees her idol Shah Rukh Khan on an eye donation poster, she believes it is he who can help them. As soon as she gets to know that the actor is shooting somewhere in Rajasthan, almost 300 kilometres away, they set out to meet him and have their mission accomplished. This journey takes them to various places and they get to meet an assortment of characters, some who help them and some, well….who don’t. How a little girl manages to keep her promise to her brother and keeps her resolve alive inspite of adversity is the story of Dhanak.


D2Just like Dhanak (rainbow) has many colours, we witness various shades in this one as well. It is the camaraderie of the lead child actors that binds this well written story and keeps your interest alive till the end. The various other colours are brought in by the supporting cast who are well placed and earnest in their portrayal. The child actors show tremendous chemistry throughout the movie. It is not their portrayal of hugging each other or declaring their love for each other or over the top emotional spectacle, but the cute little bickering that they have-whether over their likeness for their respective Bollywood idol or simply their contrasting individuality- that makes this movie a delightful experience. Pari, the angel, is that sweet little optimistic bubble who only knows how to look upwards and Chhotu is the mighty spirited cherub who does not let his disability define him in any way. While on their journey they do have forked viewpoints, but they do manage to come to a safe conclusion, nevertheless.


D3Even though the fable is more on the verge of reality it still focuses on how fairytales can come true with a little bit of will power, fearlessness, benign intentions and innocent imagination. Nagesh Kukunoor has been able to bring out the child characters so beautifully that you are bound to feel the magic that ensues throughout. With the tiny little messages sprinkled throughout the narrative, like, ‘believe in others‘, ‘trust your instincts‘, ‘look inwards for magic‘, you, as an audience, are forced to evaluate your own beliefs as you practice in today’s world. Their infectious goodness and well spirited humour makes you smile at their banter, support and strength. Rajasthan has been brought to vivid character by the rustic and realistic cinematography of Chirantan Das. The music from Tapas Relia is honest just like the movie and forms an extension to the beautiful narrative.
This is story-telling at its best- surely Nagesh Kukunoor is a gem at it (Dor is other brilliant example). It is simple without being simplistic, it is a feel-good adventure without being rickety, it is dazzling without being disconcerting. This one surely has its heart in its right place and promises you ample smiles even as you walk away from the auditorium. Do watch it with your whole family- they deserve it!
Here’s why:

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