Mangalyam – Bangalore Days [2014]

Ah, how I hate and love Indian weddings. I hate because I always need to meet some 50+ Uncle or Aunty who would claim to be knowing me when I was some 5 months old and to add to my amazement, they could relate my current looks with the babyface back then (Bilkul nahi badla, eh?).

On the other hand, I love these weddings because it’s a great platform to meet cousins and spend some fun time and more importantly crib about the suppressed life we are leading. This is what Anjali Menon excellently portrays in Bangalore Days. Freedom and happiness lie in the company of good old cousins.

I love this song for many reasons. The music by Gopi Sunder is brilliant. It’s terrific the way it starts with synthesized Mouth Organ and how it slithers into high octane tempo with Guitar and Percussion. To add to the delight, there are a few things more charming than watching Dulquer, Nazriya and Nivin dancing together and all the more so when it looks ridiculously natural. What a choreography!

My favourite shot is when Dulquer enters and starts getting a familiar vibe in the wedding premise. The editor has used slow motion to create a heartwarming effect and Dulquer has nailed the expressions. That gives me Goosebumps for reasons I can’t explain. This scene gives me just another reason to become a hopeless fan of Dulquer Salman. What an actor!

This is one of the songs I love without having any idea about the lyrics. My special someone had told me – It is all about retort towards marriage. And I couldn’t agree more after reading the meaning of the lyrics – Agree with her and the song itself. Tee-hee!

Please drop in your favourite Wedding Song(s)?

Here’s a glimpse of this one, though:



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